Off-Road Your Bad Boy Buggies at One of These Alabama ATV Trails

Stoney Lonesome

Get behind the wheel of your Bad Boy Buggy and start taking advantage of all the ATV trails around Alabama. These buggies were designed with off-roading in mind, making them the perfect option for all the local trails. Any model you choose will be perfect for you and a friend to enjoy a day of adventure. If you aren’t sure where to take your Bad Boy Buggy once you get it, then consider one of the following great trails.

Bogs and Boulders- Andalusia, Alabama

Consider starting your adventure in your Bad Boy Buggy at Bogs and Boulders, where you can easily spend the entire weekend. There are around 160 miles of trails to explore on your ATV, and you can enjoy more than 1,000 acres. The main trail will remind you of an old dirt road in the country while other trails span everything you could want, including those with hills, mud holes, and less challenging courses. There is also a pool that is fed by two natural springs, a store, and the Mud Pie Café. You can also bring a tent and camp out onsite or rent a bunkhouse or camper.

Hawk Pride Offroad- Tuscumbia, Alabama

Explore the 1,000 acres of land at Hawk Pride Offroad in Tuscumbia. You will find 90 rock crawling trails along with options for mud riding and other trails. You can also go camping and enjoy more than one day of off-roading.

Stony Lonesome- Cullman, Alabama

Stony Lonesome truly offers something for everyone. If you have more friends than will fit in your Bad Boy Buggy, then they can ride a horse, motorcycle, or bike or hike and walk around the park. You can even go for a ride at night, and there are cabins, tents, bathhouses, and other places to stay onsite.

The Ridge- Springville, Alabama

The Ridge was originally just an off-road park when it opened in 2004, but now there are even more activities. It is in Springville, just 30 minutes from Birmingham, and there are more than 35 miles of OHV one-way trails that you can enjoy. For added convenience, every trail is clearly marked so you know its difficulty and whether you are ready to handle it. There are also camping sites and a handful of cabin and hotel rooms. You can also go fishing, take a hot shower, or play disc golf.

Top Trails- Talladega, Alabama

Another great option to put your Bad Boy Buggy to the test is Top Trails, which covers thousands of acres. You will find other quads and ATVs along with bikes sharing the same trails. The numerous trails take you around the 2,800 acres of land; just remember to stick to the trails.

If you still don’t have a Bad Boy Buggy to enjoy these Alabama trails with, visit Bama Buggies in Tuscaloosa.