Spring Cleaning Tips For A Happy Home!


It’s never too early to get ready for spring – and there’s no better way to prepare for those glorious days of warmth and rebirth than by getting a jump start on spring cleaning. Through this traditional tidying-up ritual, you’ll rid your home of the remnants of winter and start anew. There’s more to spring cleaning than just dusting and scrubbing, however, and we have some tips to prep your home for a fresh start.

Clean the Gutters

Most people think of spring cleaning as an indoors-only endeavor, but the exterior of your home could use a little TLC, too. Especially after long winter months of rain and wind, gutters along your roofline will likely be filled with leaves, twigs, and other accumulated debris. Protect your hands with gloves, set up your ladder, and get to work clearing out that clutter by hand. Any residual caked-on dirt can be cleaned out with a garden hose.

Replace Filters, Clean Vents

A winter’s worth of dust may be clogging up the filters throughout your home. To make sure you’ll breathe easier in springtime, replace water filters, air vent filters, and range hood filters. Continue replacing these regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer of your filter. Your dryer vent is another dust collector that is often overlooked. This isn’t just an issue of cleanliness but of safety. To avoid a fire hazard, remove the dryer vent and use a vent brush to remove the lint. Finish the job by removing and cleaning the vent on the outside of your house, too. This is also a great time to test all smoke alarms and replace their batteries.

Refresh Your Linens

Change out sheets and bed linens, remove and wash heavy curtains, and consider changing out the color schemes to a lighter, fresher palette that reflects the impending spring. Not only will this give your home a brighter aesthetic, but it will also help keep your spring-fresh home free of allergens.

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Clean the Grill and Outdoor Furniture

The time for outdoor entertaining is right around the corner – and you’ll be ready by the time the temperatures stabilize for spring. Scrub down your outdoor furniture, wash pillows or change out their covers with weather-resistant fabric, and make sure your grill is ready to fire up. Come your first barbecue of the season, you’ll be glad you got an early start.