Stampede 900 4×4 EPS vs. the Can-Am Defender

Stampede 900 4x4 EPS Can-Am Defender Alabama

Figure out which side-by-side to take on your adventures around Alabama, and you may find yourself comparing the Stampede 900 4×4 EPS and the Can-Am Defender. These models are similar in size and power, and they each come from well-respected brands in the world of side-by-sides and ATVs. There are enough differences to make one… Read more »

10 Reasons You Should Consider the Polaris General


If you are looking for your next UTV or ATV, you should strongly consider the Polaris General. This relatively new model offers a range of options and gives you enough power to handle any situation. Tuscaloosa residents love the General’s capabilities regardless of the configuration they choose. 1. Multiple Polaris General Options Right from the… Read more »